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This cutie was too good not to photograph!

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Beautiful Kassia

This pretty little lady turned 4 and I was invited to join the party. Thank you for a lovely afternoon!

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Spring Walk

My sons school had a Spring walk to welcome in the season.
Here are a few of the pics.

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Trent & Dylan

These two guys are cousins and I snapped them at my friends braai the other day. Trent is possibly the happiest little guy I have ever met, I’ve yet to see him without a smile. Dylan is just so hearbreakingly sweet and unbelievably well behaved. These two make taking photo’s a breeze.

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Saxon is fantastic little lady. She’s a beautiful little soul who is a dear friend to my daughter. She’s a great one to photograph and i’m lucky enough to get to photograph her 7th Birthday party this weekend!

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This is my daughter. She’s beautiful, smart, funny and all mine. How lucky am I!

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This one is mine. He loves getting photographed and I love taking his pic. It’s a win win.

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I had the pleasure of photographing this little beauty when her and her mother came to visit. Her name is Sian and she loved the camera. I don’t think i could have gotten a bad photo of her if i tried!

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This little guy is actually my nephew. He’s a charm to photograph and was so involved in what he was doing that he didn’t even notice me snapping away.

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